Our purpose is to deliver exceptional customer outcomes from the air.

Our vision is to advance pioneering air mobility and delivery solutions for a sustainable world. Crafted by passionate employees, preferred by customers.

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Our Evolution

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We are Latin America’s largest provider of vertical air mobility and delivery solutions, and one of the world’s most innovative players.

We began our journey fighting fires in Portugal in the 1990s.  We quickly built our aviation know-how and diversified into offshore crew change and emergency medical services in Brazil, where, in less than two decades, we have become the absolute leader of one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets.  This leadership has in turn prompted us to diversify our service offering into complementary and sustainable segments onshore, in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and advanced air mobility (AAM).

Beyond Brazil, our focus territories now include emerging energy hubs such as Guyana and Mozambique, which are pursuing a smooth transition towards sustainable energy practices and inclusive socio-economic development.


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Our leadership team is constantly re-imagining the future of vertical air mobility and delivery.

Our vision is informed by global megatrends.  We contextualise these trends to anticipate customer requirements and identify ways to meet the evolving social needs of the local communities in which we operate.

United by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to innovation and sustainability, we go the extra mile to serve all stakeholders – on land, in the air and at sea.

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We challenge the norms to create value for our customers.

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We embrace sustainability as a strategic value driver.

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We invest in digital and data science to benefit our customers.

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Our Dynamism

Our industry-leading safety and operational excellence are fundamental to our customers’ recognition, while our growth mindset enables market-leading innovation making our business model scalable and adaptable.

We operate a diverse and modern fleet of aircraft that includes nine helicopter platforms and two heavy UAV types.  We have a broad-based network and proven ability to introduce new air mobility and delivery platforms that bear a positive sustainability impact, offering lasting value for customers and investors alike.  Our agility has led us to mobilise in record times, to the full satisfaction of the most demanding customers.

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